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Duration: 30 min.


Flyboard at Agrari Beach Mykonos

Flyboard, like any other water sport, is our specialty in Mykonos island.

Except for being an exciting and adventurous water sport that will undoubtedly give you the adrenaline rush you were looking for, flyboard has also numerous health benefits, as it is an amazing combination of cardio and muscle workout.

First of all, it forces you to use a great amount of energy as you are consecutively leaving and entering the water surface, while having a considerable weight attached to your body. Therefore, you will be flexing and strengthening your muscles and at the same time you will have to hold your breath underwater. Meanwhile, you will also have to swim, to balance your body in order to stay afloat, and also to focus so that you will be able to coordinate everything. Don’t forget, though, that the flyboard is one of the easiest and most exciting water activities, as its use is very intuitive; it offers exceptional sensations from the first utilization and, after a few minutes, you can already move underwater like a dolphin and challenge gravity like superman!

Last but not least, with us you can be sure that you will be informed about everything you need to know in order to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Agrari Beach in absolute safety. At Water Action School we have our gear maintained on a regular basis, to ensure a seamless and carefree experience for you. All you need to bring along is your swimwear and, of course, plenty of enthusiasm!


Make a splash with WaterAction, the perfect destination for water sports and recreation during your summer vacation in Mykonos.

Agrari beach, Mykonos, 84600
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