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Wakeboard Lessons


Duration: 20 min.


Wakeboard Lessons at Agrari Beach Mykonos

Wakeboard and water sports in general are our specialties in Mykonos island.

Except for being fun and exciting, wakeboarding is also a great form of exercise for the whole body. Firstly, by using your hands in order to hold its rope and trying to perform those extremely popular tricks in the air, you will be strengthening both your arm and leg muscles. Secondly, you will have to flex while jumping and turning, and thus your flexibility will be remarkably improved with regular practicing. Thirdly, you will be constantly forcing yourself to resist and hold different positions, while you will also get much faster at reacting, as sudden changes of your position will be required – don’t forget that you will be following the direction of the boat and at the same time you will be trying to adapt to the waves!

Wakeboarding also improves your stability, your balance and your hand-eye coordination; plus, it forces you to get better at swimming, as you cannot avoid falling into the water regularly! Last but not least, keep in mind that, like every water sport, wakeboarding is going to get your adrenaline flowing, therefore will distract you from everything stressful you may want to leave aside during your summer vacations.

As it is suitable for all ages and levels of competence, you can either choose to learn wakeboarding by our professional instructors, or simply do… your own thing! Whatever your choice might be, you can be sure that at Water Action School you will be informed about everything you need to know in order to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Agrari Beach in absolute safety.


Make a splash with WaterAction, the perfect destination for water sports and recreation during your summer vacation in Mykonos.

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