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Water Ski Lessons


Duration: 20 min.


Water Ski Lessons at Agrari Beach Mykonos

As any other water sport, Water Ski is our specialty in Mykonos island.

Except for an amazingly exciting sport that boosts your adrenaline and instantly makes you forget all your everyday worries, water skiing literally gives you a full-body workout; thus, practicing it regularly will get you stronger, more flexible and in better shape. It engages each and every one of your muscles, as you are trying to hold your body in a stable position. Furthermore, it improves your balance and coordination skills, and of course helps you burn calories and fat, as it boosts your metabolism by raising your heart rate.

Water Skiing is suitable for all ages and levels of competence; so, you can either choose to learn by a training session with our professional instructors, or simply do… your own thing! Whatever your choice might be, you can be sure that with us you will be informed about everything you need to know in order to enjoy water sports while being totally safe. The reasons why Water Action School chose the beautiful beach of Agrari for its location are its quietness, its tranquility, and the crystal-clear waters it is blessed with; an ideal scenery for enjoying unlimited water action and totally fun experiences in absolute safety. Don’t forget that we have our gear maintained on a regular basis, to ensure a seamless and carefree session for you; all you need to bring along is your swimwear and, of course, plenty of enthusiasm!


Make a splash with WaterAction, the perfect destination for water sports and recreation during your summer vacation in Mykonos.

Agrari beach, Mykonos, 84600
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